router number nine

An upgrade to the ‘allansplace’ network has happened (finally).  The old router, a D-Link DIR-815, has been replaced by a new one, a Netgear AX1800.  Why the change?  The DIR-815 has been running for several years and so far hasn’t failed, but the wireless signal has dropped in power, and sometimes the SSID has disappeared completely.  So, if you notice a faster connection, this is likely the cause.

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van floor liner

I’m tired of vacuuming the van.  It has a carpeted floor in the back, and it continually gets dirty.  So I bought a 4×8 sheet of hardboard.  I painted it with a grey floor paint with anti-skid substance added to it to stop the tools from sliding everywhere.  I wonder how long it will last.

hardboard floor for van 20220419_165935.jpg
hardboard floor for van 20220419_200715.jpg
hardboard floor for van 20220419_200752.jpg

new house

So I’ve purchased another rental house (house #2).  It’s an oldie, like house #1.  It was built in 1911 and is pretty much in original shape aside from some add-ons.  It’s a tall, wooden, 3 bedroom house with a garage in the back.  It even comes with a tenant.  More later on the projects site (look for house ‘520’ category on the right).

rental house 1403

First day of ownership on the new rental house.

It’s a house built in 1906 built on a 65-foot-wide lot.  It has one 3-bedroom suite on the main floor and a 1-bedroom suite on the 2nd.  It is currently empty and in need of renovations.

no doctor

Today marks my doctor, Dr. H’s last day.  He’s moved on to other things.  Alberta has become a ‘have not’ province?  Some have said that 1 of 5 Lethbridge residents have no doctor.  What do they do?  They eventually show up at the emergency ward at the hospital.  As for me, my ‘issue’ is not resolved <sigh>, and I have no way of resolving it.

Alex Trebek

Today Alex Trebek has been gone for one year.  It seems less than that, like a few months ago.  Mom & Floyd would watch Jeopardy together, one of the few TV shows of late they watched together.  The producers have cycled through a few ‘guest hosts’ since his death, but no one has replaced him.