the The (the article)

Long ago someone asked me why I said, “my wife,” as though she belonged to me.  It was a man-hating feminist vegan lesbian.  I gave her a ride home once.  I didn’t know she had a hate-on for men at the time.  I was just offering a ride home.  “Do you own her  Does she belong to you?” she asked.  I jokingly said, “No, I think she owns me.”  That didn’t go over well.  No, “belong to” in my thinking doesn’t mean “ownership”.  It means “membership”, as in “I belong to this group”.  A member of a team.  Without the team, I am incomplete.  Without me, the team is incomplete.  I should have started with that!

For no particular (good) reason, I switched to “the wife”.  I use the article “the” as a sign of respect.  She was “the” one.  No one else.  Well, until there was someone else.  That’s another story.  In Asia, a husband and wife team (no, I’m not going to say “wife and husband” – buggar off – quit changing my language) is exactly that – a team.  Perhaps it used to be here in Canada, too.  Perhaps it still is, but things have gotten too strict and politically correct and demanding these days.

I say “the Old Man” to talk about my Father.  Again, respect.  The family – a group, meaning something.  Not just people – things, groups, places, etc.  The house – a place I belong.  The car – a thing that never lets me down.  “Man, the dogs are tired today.”  “Dogs” is slang for “feet”.  (Thanks, Andrew!)  And a big one – the country.  Meaningful.  The.  The one and only.

I think I ruffled someone’s feathers a bit ago when I said “the wife”.  I think people have to take the time to know me, my intentions, my meaning before casting judgment.


I’m drinking Oolong tea these days.  I did a search on  According to Caffeine Informer, the average cup of Oolong has 37mg of caffeine.  My Starbucks Americano (tall) has 150mg.  And their Pike Place – I was surprised at this – has a whopping 235mg of caffeine!  Good gawd.  So this is why I’m switching to tea as my “second cup”.  Eventually I plan to go without caffeine.

You probably don’t know this, but my nickname from way back is Oolong.  The Wife gave that to me.  Why?  I still don’t know, but it’s probably because it sounds like Allan in some languages & cultures.  Good enough reason to switch to tea.

arrived at Fernie, BC

I’m here.  I arrived at Fernie yesterday afternoon.

The place I’m staying at is actually someone’s apartment with the largest bedroom for their guest (me).  The rest of the apartment is shared.  They spend most of their time in their own rooms.

There is a music festival here this weekend, but I haven’t heard any yet.  I don’t even know where it will be.  I’m sure I’ll catch wind of it sooner or later.

It rained pretty much all yesterday and this morning.  The sun has come out now, in time for the festival.

More later.

Aizlynn’s Fernie gift

Aizlynn asked me what I was doing for my birthday.  I had nothing planned.

I know it seems weird to think that that question seemed weird.  But it did.  “Nothing …”  I felt a bit…  Anyway, in an email a few days later she offered to pay for three nights at a B&B in Fernie, BC during their Harvest Feast & Fest.

At the time, BC was rife with forest fires.  Last year it was mid-September before a state of emergency was lifted.  So I thought this year there would be no point in making reservations.

I also thought I’d be employed by then, but I’m not.

So I’m going.  I’ll be there from Sept. 13 to 16, 2018.

Way Back Machine

Has anyone heard of the Way Back Machine?  It’s a set of archives from websites.  Mine is in there.  If you ever want to go way back in time, this is a way back to what my website used to look like.

You can even go back to how it started as

It takes a few moments to get the archives to come up as this is … well … archived.  Interesting nonetheless.

teardrop revisions

I have a list of revisions in my head regarding the teardrop trailer.

  1. Five feet wide, not four.  If you’re going to build something, make it comfortable.
  2. Aluminum trailer, not steel.  If you’re going to pull something, make it lightweight.
  3. Aluminum frame, not wood.  If you’re going to build something up in the air to face the wind, make it stable.  The walls should be fastened to aluminum.  The doors should be inserted into an aluminum frame.

More ideas:

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