50 first dates OR Sublinox

You know that movie, 50 First Dates?  If not, look it up.

You’re reading this for the first time, right?  Yes.  Well, me too, or at least I will be.  Telling friends & family this is pretty weird.  Here how it works.

I take sleep meds called Sublinox.  It’s an hypnotic made to help fall asleep.  But it has a side effect of inhibiting memory (storage of, for example, writing in this ongoing letter blog) until sleep is underway.  It takes about 15 minutes to work, and, during that time, I cannot study, talk on the phone, visit with family, nothing.  I can make coffee ’cause I know that’s something I do every night.  I wake up in the morning and thank the person who made the coffee for me.  All I have to do is turn it on.  Well, really, it was me.  But I just don’t remember doing it.

So when I read this blog sometime – don’t know when – I’ll go, “Oh, somebody has broken into my server, left a blog entry in my writing style, and posted it.  That was … let’s see … right about the same time I was getting ready for bed.  I wonder who that was?”

I can’t do homework because I won’t retain it.  I can’t have important conversations, like with classmates to get things done, for the same reason.  I can’t change passwords!  That would be bad.  About the only thing I can do is go to bed.

So that’s what I’ll do.  Good night, y’all.

winter is back

I was wrong.  Winter is back.  It’s April 7, and winter still hasn’t left.

  4/7/2018  5:54 PM       427903 snow in April 20180407_175423 s1.jpg
  4/7/2018  5:54 PM     39709178 snow in April 20180407_175423.GIF
  4/7/2018  5:54 PM      2745451 snow in April 20180407_175423.jpg
  4/7/2018  7:29 PM       403701 snow in April 20180407_192907 s1.jpg
  4/7/2018  5:54 PM     35259335 snow in April 20180407_192907.GIF
  4/7/2018  7:29 PM      2611940 snow in April 20180407_192907.jpg