donation 112

I gave my 112th blood donation today.

They take half a litre every 56 days.

Someone asked me, “Is that a pump?  Are they pumping it out of you?”  No!  It’s not a pump!  It’s just a bag of blood sitting on a platform that moves back and forth every few seconds to stop the blood from coagulating, or whatever blood does when it sits still.  The heart is a pump.  It pumps it all around; and if you put a hole in a vein and let it out into a bag, your heart doesn’t know the difference.  It just gets pumped out.  No biggie.

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metal works technologist interview

I had my interview today for the technologist position.  It is for a metal works company in town.  I think it went well.  I stumbled a bit in identifying GD&T symbols like concentricity.  They need someone who is proficient at AutoCAD and is in it for the long haul.  Sometimes lots of overtime and weekends.  They’ll call the one they choose the end of next week.