Hi everybody.  I’m Allan.  This is the latest attempt at going on with the Ongoing Letter, my blog to the outside world.

It started in Oct. 1998 as a way of keeping in contact with everyone while I was living and working overseas in Asia.  It beat long-distance charges.  Plus, telling each and every person the same news got a little tedious.  So I came up with my Ongoing Letter.  It’s a letter to friends, family, and everyone else that has just kept on going.  Hence the name.

It’s part of the Allan’s Place web network.  (I was going join “web” and “network” somehow, like how web + log = blogWetwork.  I’m glad I didn’t.)

This is my third attempt at using a CMS (Content Management System) on a database server and the third generation of the Ongoing Letter.  The first used old-fashioned HTML encoding and ran off a Sambo laptop, the second FrontPage Server Extensions on an ASUS Workstation.  Hopefully it’ll take this time without any server-self-destruct buttons being pushed.  We shall see.

There are also some changes to the other webs within Allan’s Place, as you may already know.  Some are up and running while others are not.  Check back often.

In the mean time, enjoy!