Way Back Machine

Has anyone heard of the Way Back Machine?  It’s a set of archives from websites.  Mine is in there.  If you ever want to go way back in time, this is a way back to what my website used to look like.


You can even go back to how it started as allaninkorea.net.


It takes a few moments to get the archives to come up as this is … well … archived.  Interesting nonetheless.

teardrop revisions

I have a list of revisions in my head regarding the teardrop trailer.

  1. Five feet wide, not four.  If you’re going to build something, make it comfortable.
  2. Aluminum trailer, not steel.  If you’re going to pull something, make it lightweight.
  3. Aluminum frame, not wood.  If you’re going to build something up in the air to face the wind, make it stable.  The walls should be fastened to aluminum.  The doors should be inserted into an aluminum frame.

More ideas:

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min. 3 years experience

I’ve been searching non-stop for employment since convocation in April.  I have had a few interviews and spoke with several employers, but pretty much all positions posted online require minimum 3 years’ experience.  There are repeat job listings rewritten with “This is not an entry-level position” included in the job description.

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when drinking coffee, time … flies

During my days looking for employment daily and practising engineering & architectural stuff, I sometimes head to a coffee shop.  There’s one close by called Good Earth.  Nice surroundings, nice enough people.  The coffee’s not fantastic – a bit on the weak side – but good enough.  Free refill.  Good scones.  I commented to a server that the music playing was good.  Then, 10 minutes later, a person in the back turned it to something else – “You’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good, baby you’re no good,” repeated the lyrics over and over and over and …  <sigh>  I left.  I used to go to Starbucks (MMDS), but there are so many flies there that it makes it impossible to concentrate on anything I’m doing.  The coffee is always good.  Yesterday I went to the Starbucks downtown.  Also good coffee.  I once waited about 20 minutes for a coffee at The Penny Coffee House.  Good coffee, nice enough surroundings, but so busy that it took forever.  I couldn’t complain because the staff are all working full-tilt.  But sometimes it’s just nicer to sit at home and continue working.  Cheaper, too, for someone not employed.  Unfortunately, staying in the house all day makes the day drag on.