upon inspection

Upon inspection, I see some pitting on one of the lengths of iron for this Freedom Utility Trailer.

See the difference in finishes?  Is this poor machining?  A result of welding of the end bracket?  “What a heck?”  I’m hoping this won’t be a concern later on, as in rust.  This is not Galvanized or aluminium – it’s powder coated steel.

Actually, it used to be red.

What is that?  Undercoating?  Rustproofing?  Proof of being a used trailer?  My imagination?

Freedom Utility Trailer arrival

My trailer arrived!  Its label says, FREEDOM UTILITY TRAILER.  It came in three boxes on top of the tiniest pallet I have ever seen.  So now I’m getting busy with Revit with its Structural Template (as opposed to Construction, Architectural, or Mechanical) to piece together a more accurate trailer in my model.  I am guessing it is very similar to the Harbor Freight ones sold in the States, but there may be some variance for the Canadian market.  I stuffed it all into a corner of the garage.  I’ll pull one piece out at a time to take measurements.


intro to mentor

D.F. is my Mentor, set up by ASET.  We emailed a few times and spoke today by phone.  What an interesting conversation!  He’s in the architectural world, and I’m his 4th mentee.  The first 3 were all young people.  I’m his first old guy.

We talked about marketing one’s self, the industry(s), expectations of employers, personal backgrounds … lots of things.  I’ll sit and think about what he said for a while before embarking on any more comments.

He did give me homework though.  Yes, homework again!  Not easy homework, either.  I am to create an “elevator speech” for our next conversation in a few weeks from now.  …  I had this ages ago in the ESL world, although I didn’t know it was a thing, per se.

Engineering Technologist interview

Good news, everyone!  I just got a phone call for an interview at an engineering firm!  Yay!

The last two employment offers were part-time.  I took one of them as they were offering evening employment.  I could handle part-time evening employment but not part-time daytime.

I have to bone up on my CAD stuff.  I’m pretty proficient in Revit now.  I asked the interviewer if I should prepare something, and he said to bring some examples of CAD work.

Wish me luck!

teardrop revisions

I have a list of revisions in my head regarding the teardrop trailer.

  1. Five feet wide, not four.  If you’re going to build something, make it comfortable.
  2. Aluminum trailer, not steel.  If you’re going to pull something, make it lightweight.
  3. Aluminum frame, not wood.  If you’re going to build something up in the air to face the wind, make it stable.  The walls should be fastened to aluminum.  The doors should be inserted into an aluminum frame.

More ideas:

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