reprieve in the long hours

After finishing college and taking a couple stabs at finding my ‘ideal’ workplace, which took a year and a half, I think I found a place I belong, at least for now, at CE.  (Or, rather, T found it for me on Kijiji and emailed it to me.)  I’ve been working since late Nov. 2019, learning as I go.

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Tutor of the Year nomination

Wow!  Good news!  I’ve been nominated by TD for 2020 Tutor of the Year for Canada!  A student’s mom wrote a very positive report on me, and now I am in the running to win this year.  This is most pleasing.  It comes with a gift card of $xxx.xx and … who knows what else – likely a news release of some sort (in the tutoring world, that is).  I’m grateful to TD for all their support, and I’m grateful to have such great students.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – my students make me look good!

auto stop & start students

The same day I posted my last entry on M & F (students, not Mom & Fl0yd), F quit.  He’s gone with another tutor.  His schedule has changed, and I can only tutor after 5:30pm, so F is no more.

At the same time, another student started.  Students come, students go.  This time, however, the student isn’t in Coaldale like F was; he’s in Lethbridge.  Good for me.  I don’t spend $5 in fuel driving to and returning from a student’s house to make $17 / hour.