Triple M Housing

I went to Triple M Housing today to remind them that I am very much interested in architectural design, drafting, engineering, and all things related.  I was there on May 31st of this year, but today my resume was no where to be found.  Long story short, it might’ve ended up on a production manager’s desk.

Nonetheless, I gave Sheryl, Engineering Manager, my “new and improved” resume.  We talked about the EDDT course, any drafting positions available at Triple M, and such.  Sheryl was an engineering student at LC 18 years ago.  Cool.  And now she’s the engineering boss.  I like that.

They use a software package called Vertex, a building design & drafting CAD product from Finland.  Vertex offers a free trial version, so I’ll get into that soon.  Our class went on a tour of the factory, a massive building on the north side of Lethbridge.  I asked a few questions.  …  Actually, I can’t imagine a student taking a tour and not asking questions!  But, if you’re a student right out of high school with little or no real-life experience, how would you know what to ask?  I don’t know how much I don’t know, but I do know it must be a substantial amount.  “Ask and ye shall receive.”  What’s more, if you don’t ask, you won’t receive.  But it was too dang interesting to not ask questions.

They do a lot of different types of homes there. They’re all built on steel frames, from what I gather.  They do modular that can be used on regular city lots, too, not just mobile homes.  Cousin Patti bought one of the modular homes in three pieces and had it trucked in and set up on her land … not a “trailer park”.

Gawd, I hate the word “trailer”.  It’s a dang house, and it can’t be pulled behind my Kia.  I live in a Triple E home – a manufactured home made in a factory.

But, as it turns out, they already hired someone.  They haven’t actually started yet, but if this person doesn’t work out for whatever reason, I’m going to show my ugly face there until they put my resume at the top of the pile.

Sorry for typing so slowly.  I’m eating ice cream.  Can you tell?

EDDT is done (pretty much)

Yesterday was my last class in the Engineering Design and Drafting Technologies program.  I handed in my last project at 10pm yesterday evening and went home.  (I made this a bigger font ’cause it’s been a pretty major thing in my life for the past few years.)

I’m sitting at 75.63% (unofficial) in my weakest subject, Process Design, but the Final Project is not marked yet.  We designed oil & gas vessels and pipelines and studied how these systems work.

I have 93.6% in Environmental Systems, my second-most interesting subject.  We studied heat loss & efficiencies, solar, psychrometrics, green building systems, and other environmental systems.  I think I wore out the instructor by asking questions.  The biggest idea I’m taking away from this course is the message the instructor instilled in all of us – that add-on stuff, like solar panels and ground source heat pumps, do not make a building green.  What matters is the design of the building.  The rest is window dressing, for the most part.

I don’t know what I got in Civil Design & Drafting.  It was an interesting but tough course.  We studied subdivision plot plans, Real Property Reports, urban planning, Universal Design, road & lot grading, storm (runoff) & sanitary (poop) sewer utility systems, drainage analysis, and earthworks.  I didn’t do very well in the second-last assignment.  Pretty good in the others.

I’m at 81.92% in Architectural Design III so far, but this doesn’t include the final assignment which hasn’t been graded yet.  This is the commercial architectural course.  I submitted our final drawing yesterday at 4:27pm.  Christoper (a teammate) and I will go through all of our drawings and review the instructor’s markups.  We studied Alberta Building Code (not just Div. B Part 9 as in residential architecture), structural factors, site plans, preliminary floor plans, section views, final floor plans, building science, building cross-sections, specifications, reflected ceiling plans, interior & exterior elevations, interior & exterior renderings, and legends.  Very interesting course – my favourite.  I still have the final exam to write as well.  It’s this coming Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

This is also not a final mark as our final submission is not graded yet, but so far I’ve got 95.91% in Applied Research II.  My team researched Bamboo as a Viable Alternative to Steel Reinforcement in Concrete.  We were awarded the Lethbridge College EDDT submission to the ASET Capstone Project.  We will be in ASET’s magazine publication as a finalist in the next step for the Banff meetings.  …  This just in – we got 23/25 on our Final Presentation, the presentation portion of the Final Project.  The Final Report is yet to be graded.

Hopefully all is well.  I’ve not convocated yet (the college-level word for graduate, I guess).  So it ain’t over just yet.