I bought new tires for the Chrysler Town & Country.  They’re not all season tires like before, like what we’ve all gotten used to.  If you look closely at your all season tires, you’ll notice they’re not rated for snow.  I now have all weather.  They have the little picture of a snowflake on the tire, designating them suitable as a snow tire.  I got them at Mo-Tires here in Lethbridge.

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snow melt flooding

There’s a lot of water around these days.  This winter has had the heaviest snowfall that I can remember.  Now it’s all turning into runoff.

 4/15/2018  7:23 PM      3686198 flooded sidewalk 28 Ave S near Parkbridge Estates 20180410_192204.jpg
 4/15/2018  7:23 PM      3525579 flooded sidewalk 28 Ave S near Parkbridge Estates 20180410_192323.jpg
 4/15/2018  7:23 PM      4762137 flooded sidewalk 28 Ave S near Parkbridge Estates 20180412_072449.jpg

winter is back

I was wrong.  Winter is back.  It’s April 7, and winter still hasn’t left.

  4/7/2018  5:54 PM       427903 snow in April 20180407_175423 s1.jpg
  4/7/2018  5:54 PM     39709178 snow in April 20180407_175423.GIF
  4/7/2018  5:54 PM      2745451 snow in April 20180407_175423.jpg
  4/7/2018  7:29 PM       403701 snow in April 20180407_192907 s1.jpg
  4/7/2018  5:54 PM     35259335 snow in April 20180407_192907.GIF
  4/7/2018  7:29 PM      2611940 snow in April 20180407_192907.jpg

warmer weather

Wow.  I think winter has finally kicked the bucket.  We’ve had four major dumps of snow this winter with more snow than I’ve seen in recent years.  Spring officially happened a few days ago.  Today walking home was really nice.  I’ve been really looking forward to warm weather, and now I think it’s come.