I’m drinking Oolong tea these days.  I did a search on Ask.com.  According to Caffeine Informer, the average cup of Oolong has 37mg of caffeine.  My Starbucks Americano (tall) has 150mg.  And their Pike Place – I was surprised at this – has a whopping 235mg of caffeine!  Good gawd.  So this is why I’m switching to tea as my “second cup”.  Eventually I plan to go without caffeine.

You probably don’t know this, but my nickname from way back is Oolong.  The Wife gave that to me.  Why?  I still don’t know, but it’s probably because it sounds like Allan in some languages & cultures.  Good enough reason to switch to tea.

when drinking coffee, time … flies

During my days looking for employment daily and practising engineering & architectural stuff, I sometimes head to a coffee shop.  There’s one close by called Good Earth.  Nice surroundings, nice enough people.  The coffee’s not fantastic – a bit on the weak side – but good enough.  Free refill.  Good scones.  I commented to a server that the music playing was good.  Then, 10 minutes later, a person in the back turned it to something else – “You’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good, baby you’re no good,” repeated the lyrics over and over and over and …  <sigh>  I left.  I used to go to Starbucks (MMDS), but there are so many flies there that it makes it impossible to concentrate on anything I’m doing.  The coffee is always good.  Yesterday I went to the Starbucks downtown.  Also good coffee.  I once waited about 20 minutes for a coffee at The Penny Coffee House.  Good coffee, nice enough surroundings, but so busy that it took forever.  I couldn’t complain because the staff are all working full-tilt.  But sometimes it’s just nicer to sit at home and continue working.  Cheaper, too, for someone not employed.  Unfortunately, staying in the house all day makes the day drag on.

a taste of sushi and … kimchi

Man, I miss food.  I mean food from all over.  Friends and I went out to Dono Sushi a bit ago.  I had a bowl of spicy udon noodles, and we shared some sushi.

Kimbap!”  K found kimbap on the menu!  “What kind of kimbap?” I asked.  He laughed.  “Just kimbap,” he said.  We had some of that, some salmon sushi, and … (and here is where I got excited) … kimchi!!!

I asked the server if they had any.  It’s not on the menu, but yes.  Now I know why.  It’s rare that I have kimchi this terrible.  It wasn’t good.  I have no idea what was wrong with it.  It was just … bad.

There was a vibrating buzzing noise in the restaurant.  The service was friendly but slow.  The noodles were very good.  The sushi was very good.  But …

Anyone out there know where to get good kimchi in Southern Alberta?