hamburger half-full

42/50 on our Architecture assignment.  8 wrong?  No, 42 right.

Hamburger night.  Still daylight.  Kind of nice seeing daylight at 6:30pm.  🙂  We had a hamburger each, and suddenly one of us remembered the tomato & lettuce.  So much better with fresh tomatoe & lettuce!  The vegetables were cooked right when were were done our burgers – perfect timing.  Couldn’t eat another bite.  Leftovers for tomorrow!


Hamburger night.  Damn Daylight Savings Time … don’t make no sense.  We had a hamburger each but forgot to put the lettuce & tomato on until the last minute.  “Don’t bother … it’s okay.”  “Well I’m already up.”  The vegetables weren’t cooked in time, but we ate them anyway.  I got full.  I guess it’s leftovers tomorrow.

Admit success when it happens or you’ll end up a “hamburger half-empty” person.

balance at Tim Horton’s

So I’m at Tim’s having a bowl of chili and a decaf, thinking about what just happened.

I asked the woman at the till to get me a balance on some cards.  “You don’t remember what you have?  Really?” she asked in a childish voice.  WTH?  Why ask me this?  “All of them?  Well how many cards do you have?”  WTH again.  “I’ve only got three,” I say to her.  She scans the first one and asks, “Do you see the balance?  Can you remember that?”  <Ahem>  When she was done, I asked her, “You think I have a short memory, eh?  I’ve got dozens of cards for everything.  No, I have no idea what the balance is.”  I was going to ask her if she could remember my order, but I was too polite.  I now think I should have.

There is a balance between formal politeness and familiar friendliness.  She broke that balance.

vodka, in English

My view:
Silent Sam: 5/10
Absolute: 6/10
Smirnoff: 9/10
So I thought I’d do some research.

I just readed an artical on vodka.  I reconize alot of the brans onit.  Ones better then the other according to the righter.

Top 10 Vodkas In The World

Then it occurred to me that one shouldn’t trust a writer who writes so poorly.  Perhaps after they quit drinking, go back to school, figure out how to use the spell-check on their computer, or hire a proofreader, maybe I’d complete reading their article.

Seriously – alot?  I need a drink.


Since Father got sick until just a bit ago, things have been stressful for me.  I’m not great with expressing my most inner feelings.  I’m not altogether sure I believe they should be expressed.  As Stanislof once said, “I have religion – I just think it should be a private thing, not yelled out for everyone to hear.”  There are things I don’t really wish to blab, to discuss.  It obviously does many people a great deal of good to explore, voice, compare, listen, vent, etc.  Those people have a hard time understanding that many of us don’t wish to.  I want to just live my life, not talk about how it is lived.  Yes, I feel – I just don’t want to discuss it.  As Curly once said, “I crap bigger than you.”  Well, good for you.  But TMI.  Keep your crap to yourself.
So I lost a friend.  They were upset at me that I didn’t call after Father died.  I was busy talking with many people and dealing with many details.  (Still am.)  Three other friends whom I told next time I spoke with them didn’t get angry.  They instead knew that I needed time to myself.  Acceptance.

On to other things.  I notice that since my old blog, going back to October of 2014 of the Third Generation of the Ongoing Letter (sounds official, eh?), nothing has been said of many things.  So here goes – a kind of rapid-fire update.

The van, a.k.a. “38”, is gone.  I sold it to a young person in Coaldale.  He wanted to buy an older ‘collector’ (and, being older than 25 years, it was) to pimp it.  Last time I saw it, he took the toilet out of it and removed the rear bumper.  I wonder what became of it.  I just know it’s gone, along with the Fun Craft logos Glenn painted on it.

I’m not at Flexibility anymore.  I quit.  I gave my notice before summer began.  Almost six years is enough.  I still see students now and then – Mongali, for example – and I’m happy to see they’re doing well.  New country, new life, new future.  But I wanted to concentrate on my education at the college and my new career.  I have one tutor student at this time.  Not sure if I’ll have more.  I’ve taken down my teaching website but might resurrect it in its new form later on.  Hard to know.  But, for now, I’m done with teaching.

double-tap and … what a drag

I finally got this feature to work on my Surface 4 Pro tablet.  It’s called double-tap-and-drag or tap and a half.  I cursed this tablet for a few reasons since I got it.  Little picky things.  Annoying habits that it has that … well, I’m just not used to it!  “That’s not going forwards – that’s going backwards!”  Well, it’s fixed.  Just a setting in the touchpad settings.

Why is that so danged important?  Productivity, for one.  It’s faster than the two-handed click and drag method.  Yes, two hands.  I’m used to a touch pad.  Touch pads are faster, more convenient.  Yes, I know, I’m bucking the world on this one.  So be it.  If mice were suddenly brought upon the market now, they’d be laughed at.  “They’re just so dumb,” I’m confident I’d hear.  They’re a separate device.  You have to carry them around with you, and they you have to plug them into a USB.  You’ve gotta move your hand away from the keyboard, the ultimate in productivity (yes, I know, spoken like a true DOS lover, which in actual fact I’m not), … where was I?  Oh, yes … away from the keyboard, to another separate device, and then back again to the keyboard, only to do it all over again.  What a drag.  (Get it?  Drag?)  It’s like intentionally buying a manual shift automobile after years and years of automatics.  Oh, yah, there are actually people out there who actually do do that.  <ahem>  “I want a brand new Apple Bell and Howell.  With a mouse.”

Secondly, an integrated touchpad click built into the actual touchpad just doesn’t, in my humble opinion, work.  You can’t poise your finger on top of the left click button while moving your thumb across the touch pad.  One of them will screw up.  I’ve seen multiple times when I’m actually moving my thumb or finger around the touchpad without the dang arrow doing anything – just sitting there being confused.  “Oh, … not sure what to do … there’s another finger touching me … I’m so confused.”  Hmm.  Isn’t this touchpad supposed to see multiple touches?  And not be confused?

Oh, I could go on, but then I’d have to make a new category for my blog.  Something like “rant” or “nit-pick”.  …  Ooh, not a bad idea.  Anyway, I’m closer to liking my Surface 4 Pro again.  Warm and fuzzy.