North York Creek plane crash hike

This was one of the most gruelling hikes for us – Mo & family and me.  We talked about a hike a few days before.  I brought a brochure of hikes in the Crowsnest Pass for Mo & family to look at.  Since S really wanted a hike during one of our last year’s camping trips, I suggested that she pick the spot.  She picked the North York Creek plane crash hike.  It’s south of Coleman, AB.  I asked if anybody mined that I drove because my stomach had been iffy – motion sickness often gets to me.  So we all piled into my van and went.  We stopped at Subway for a bite before heading up.  The weather was decidedly cool when we got out – a balmy 16°C.  We were wondering if it would be chilly and rainy all day.

We drove seemingly in every direction, winding through the town, before finally heading south up a paved then gravel road, higher and higher up the mountain.  We saw signs for our destination.  We found a parking area (called a staging area – not sure why), parked there, and ate half our subs before heading up the gravel road toward our destination.  Quads and dirt bikes screamed by.  We wondered if we were in the right area – after all, M & M have kids.  I asked a guy sitting in his truck if we were in the right spot; he suggested that we were way off, that we needed to keep going way up the road another few kilometres.  So we did.

Mo was a little freaked by all the potholes, concerned that it would damage the van.  It was rough, and we bounced around like a bunch of Mexican jumping beans in the van.  So we parked the van and started hiking.  More vehicles were going by.  It was still a long hike up, but we came across a bridge (that everyone told us about) and a fork and decided to go up the steeper grade.


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holiday outside the box (or inside the box)

Now here’s an idea that, upon first look, seems kooky.  Vacation in prison.  But, having lived in South Korea for many years, I know that work can take its toll on a person.  The busy busy busy, go go go, workaholic lifestyle wears a person thin.  Enter: Prison.  Well, a place that apparently resembles prison.

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arrived at Fernie, BC

I’m here.  I arrived at Fernie yesterday afternoon.

The place I’m staying at is actually someone’s apartment with the largest bedroom for their guest (me).  The rest of the apartment is shared.  They spend most of their time in their own rooms.

There is a music festival here this weekend, but I haven’t heard any yet.  I don’t even know where it will be.  I’m sure I’ll catch wind of it sooner or later.

It rained pretty much all yesterday and this morning.  The sun has come out now, in time for the festival.

More later.

Aizlynn’s Fernie gift

Aizlynn asked me what I was doing for my birthday.  I had nothing planned.

I know it seems weird to think that that question seemed weird.  But it did.  “Nothing …”  I felt a bit…  Anyway, in an email a few days later she offered to pay for three nights at a B&B in Fernie, BC during their Harvest Feast & Fest.

At the time, BC was rife with forest fires.  Last year it was mid-September before a state of emergency was lifted.  So I thought this year there would be no point in making reservations.

I also thought I’d be employed by then, but I’m not.

So I’m going.  I’ll be there from Sept. 13 to 16, 2018.

dismantlement of Alpine Sprite

I began this afternoon the dismantlement of the Alpine Sprite 400 caravan (camper trailer).  I didn’t use it last year and haven’t this year either.  Its contents; two 6-volt deep-cycle batteries (12-volt in series), 140-Watt solar panel, 2500-Watt inverter, 3-stage charger, fresh- & gray-water tanks, water pumps (pressure & draw), 16,000 BTU propane forced-air furnace, on-demand propane water heater, 1000-Watt microwave oven, stereo & speakers, two propane tanks with auto-switch-over regulator, sink, faucet, shower, LED lighting, and a few other things; will all be used somewhere else.  The shell of the trailer will be up for grabs.

  8/9/2018  3:38 PM     96051610 Sprite Alpine 1965 20180809_153453 dismantlement.mp4
  8/9/2018  3:41 PM      3365771 Sprite Alpine 1965 20180809_154127 dismantlement.jpg
  8/9/2018  4:23 PM      4155610 Sprite Alpine 1965 20180809_162349 dismantlement.jpg
  8/9/2018  4:23 PM      4500010 Sprite Alpine 1965 20180809_162353 dismantlement.jpg
  8/9/2018  4:23 PM      4180302 Sprite Alpine 1965 20180809_162356 dismantlement.jpg
  8/9/2018  4:24 PM      5571340 Sprite Alpine 1965 20180809_162359 dismantlement.jpg
  8/9/2018  4:24 PM      5313196 Sprite Alpine 1965 20180809_162403 dismantlement.jpg
  8/9/2018  4:35 PM      3636103 Sprite Alpine 1965 20180809_163557 dismantlement.jpg