the heat continues

The air has been smoky here in Southern Alberta for several days of the past few weeks, results of fires burning across BC and so many other places.  Even indoors, my eyes have been itchy many days.

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another heat wave

A couple of weeks ago we had a heat wave for several days.  It reached 38°C and stayed there – without breeze, cloud, or shower of rain.  The cooler nights were barely cooler, adding to the present discomfort and that of the next over-heated day, too.  I find it very sad that more forest fires are burning than ever before, and hotter to boot.  Lytton, BC is 90% gone now due to a sweeping forest fire.  This week, beginning today, is said to be just as hot.  What do you do to take refuge from this dry deluge?  I stuff my feet in a plastic tub of cold water and read on the edge of the tub.  I go for bike rides and use the heat to my advantage, not bulking up with protective clothing.  The pounds / stone / kg that I put on during COVID is something to try to sweat off this year.  We keep the house windows closed all morning which adds to maintaining our cool (in the house).  Later in the evening, we might have 1~3 hours of A/C on.  Nice & cool, relatively.

wind storm

We had a wind storm yesterday.  It’s been windy for 6 or 7 weeks with maybe 2 or 3 days of calm.  Headaches abound.  No sub-zero temperatures.  Now this wind.  Hopefully it will have blown itself out.

 1/13/2021  9:08 AM     23828819 wind storm, Parkbridge, Lethbridge, AB 20210113_090836 med.mp4
 1/13/2021  9:08 AM     23570363 wind storm, Parkbridge, Lethbridge, AB 20210113_090836 med.wmv
 1/13/2021  9:08 AM      6792223 wind storm, Parkbridge, Lethbridge, AB 20210113_090836 small.mp4
 1/13/2021  9:09 AM     82211396 wind storm, Parkbridge, Lethbridge, AB 20210113_090836.mp4

first shovel

Usually the first use of a shovel is the breaking of ground for some special building or structure of some kind.  In this case, the first shovel of the season involved snow.

We had an extended summer until a week ago when things started getting chilly.  It is the official start of winter (that is, astronomical winter here in the northern hemisphere) on December 21, 2020.  But things certainly do look like winter now.

F has filled the bird feeder with sunflower seeds and put out the suet.  I shovelled the driveway this morning.  I have two tutoring sessions this weekend, a rare event these days, but everything is online, so I won’t be driving through the driving snow.

It apparently will get down to -20°C tomorrow (Sunday) night.  Then, in true southern Alberta fashion, it will get up to +3°C a couple of days later.  Welcome to Chinook country.

first snow, painting, recycled clothes, COVID-19

I’m almost done painting the entrance of the house.  It’s turned cold.  The first snow of the 2020-21 winter happened a few days ago.  I was expecting a warm day that never came.  Instead, I put a couple of space heaters in the entrance way and brought it up to 12°C since the paint can said minimum 10°C.  I still have a bit of trim to paint.

The garage is cold, too, of course, which will make working on any projects with the new CNC a bit slower.  It’s so much nicer working in warm weather.  I’ve got a ton of firewood cut up and more to be cut but no wood burning stove in the garage – only propane and electric.  I have a few projects on the go but no new teardrops yet (teardrop trailers, that is).

Mom bought me a new shirt from Mark’s yesterday, but it was 60% polyester.  I hate polyester.  It’s like wearing plastic clothes.  I smell like a race horse at the end of the day.  I took it back and got another.  As it turns out, the second one, which is 100% cotton, is actually 70% recycled cotton.  This is my first time buying recycled textiles.  I wonder how well it will wear.

The COVD-19 count in the city is as high as it’s ever been.  I think this is partly due to the Thanksgiving weekend of October 12, 2020, with people insisting that they’re immune to it.  “Can’t happen to me.”  The latest act of carelessness is at a church in Coaldale, one of seven hot-spots in Alberta.  “Not too pretty good,” as Glenn would say.


I bought new tires for the Chrysler Town & Country.  They’re not all season tires like before, like what we’ve all gotten used to.  If you look closely at your all season tires, you’ll notice they’re not rated for snow.  I now have all weather.  They have the little picture of a snowflake on the tire, designating them suitable as a snow tire.  I got them at Mo-Tires here in Lethbridge.

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snow melt flooding

There’s a lot of water around these days.  This winter has had the heaviest snowfall that I can remember.  Now it’s all turning into runoff.

 4/15/2018  7:23 PM      3686198 flooded sidewalk 28 Ave S near Parkbridge Estates 20180410_192204.jpg
 4/15/2018  7:23 PM      3525579 flooded sidewalk 28 Ave S near Parkbridge Estates 20180410_192323.jpg
 4/15/2018  7:23 PM      4762137 flooded sidewalk 28 Ave S near Parkbridge Estates 20180412_072449.jpg

winter is back

I was wrong.  Winter is back.  It’s April 7, and winter still hasn’t left.

  4/7/2018  5:54 PM       427903 snow in April 20180407_175423 s1.jpg
  4/7/2018  5:54 PM     39709178 snow in April 20180407_175423.GIF
  4/7/2018  5:54 PM      2745451 snow in April 20180407_175423.jpg
  4/7/2018  7:29 PM       403701 snow in April 20180407_192907 s1.jpg
  4/7/2018  5:54 PM     35259335 snow in April 20180407_192907.GIF
  4/7/2018  7:29 PM      2611940 snow in April 20180407_192907.jpg