rat’s nest comm box

In investigating the crawl space under the house, F and I stopped to talk about the rat’s nest of wires and disused electrical junk that is (or was) our communications box.  Is this not the sloppiest bit of work you’ve seen?

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happy birthday to me

It’s a dull, wet day outside.  I’m at home alone as FT. is gone to Saskatchewan on a road trip with a friend.  So far, the only person to send me birthday greetings is my cousin, SM. Thanks, cousin.

I’m off to a dollar store to buy some forks for work.  There seems to be a shortage of them.  “What did you do on your birthday?”  “I bought some forks.”

1st COVID shot

I bit the bullet.  I had my first COVID19 shot today.  I’d been dreading having it for several reasons, but I needn’t go into them now as everyone has already heard every reason / excuse under the sun to not have it.  But, in talking to a doctor at a pharmacy, who has seen COVID19 patients come in and (most times) go out, I’m convinced that it is likely a good thing to do.  Only time will tell the lasting effects of it.  mRNA medical technology has not been around long enough to know for sure.  Will we all get cancer from this?  Will it mutate and change our actual DNA?  Will it prove to be just another harmless vaccine like so many others?  But, compared to fighting for my life for a week in ICU only to die drowning in lung fluids, I’ll take my chances with the vaccine.  Thy will be done.

the heat continues

The air has been smoky here in Southern Alberta for several days of the past few weeks, results of fires burning across BC and so many other places.  Even indoors, my eyes have been itchy many days.

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camp cut short

At about noon, I came down with a headache.  It was heatstroke.

Heat exhaustion suggests strenuous activity mixed with heat as a cause, while heatstroke suggests simply overheating (too much exposure to the sun).

I decided to go home.  Besides, there was a machine droning noise from less than a kilometre away, like model airplanes or go-carts, for several house.  When that finally stopped, all I could hear was traffic noise from the nearby road, a connector road from the highway to in-town.

I went there to maybe meet friendly fellow campers and hang out and maybe suggest a hike or cycle somewhere.  People kept to themselves.

I got back at about 5pm, unpacked and put away everything, and lied down with lots of water.  Thus the end of my weekend get-away.

camp at Pincher Creek

I called the night before last to book a spot at Sleepy Hollow Campground. Luckily, they had one left, except that, when I showed up yesterday evening, they had some cancellations and rebookings and had moved everyone around. At first the manager / owner was going to put me at a giant site big enough for a 30′ trailer (with power & water, which I don’t need), but I have a much smaller one instead.

It’s a good thing i brought along a bug screen tent. Sooooo many mosquitos here! It is my first time using it.

Breakfast was yoghurt with cereal and lunch was salad with hotdog wieners. The book I’m reading is The Friendship Book by Francis Gay and a Zane Grey novel I borrowed from F.