puncture resistant tube, cycle in dry coulees

I got on my Giant bike this morning to cycle up a sweat only to find it anaeris.  I patched the rear tire yesterday but apparently missed a small hole.  Canadian Tire sells a puncture resistant tire tube, so I bought one.  It’s quite heavy, but with all the add-on stuff, the bike’s heavy anyway.  Better to be heavy than weak.  That’s why I have a full mountain bike, not a hybrid.

To test out my new tire, I went for a ride in the coulees.  Wow – very dry, hard, dusty ground out there.


cycle in dry coulees 20170901_190303 panorama.jpg
cycle in dry coulees 20170901_190321 Allan.jpg
cycle in dry coulees 20170901_190334 Giant bike.jpg

Lot of fun.  The tire survived.

Sask-Man didn’t happen

I didn’t actually get to Saskatchewan or Manitoba.  I went to BC instead.  I heard Father was in hospital again.  He’d had a seizure a few days previous but was home from hospital the same day.  When I got there this time, he was just going in for routine preparation for more radiation on his tumour.  They kept him in for a few days and was still there when I left.

I’d intended to be on my way the next morning but wasn’t able to.  Someone I planned to meet wasn’t available until late in the day, so I didn’t leave Chilliwack until after 5pm.

On my way back home I stopped at Othello Tunnels the first night, Arosa Rance B&B the second, and Pass Creek Campground the third.

It looks like I won’t be making it to Manitoba after all – at least not this time around.

heading to Sask-Man

I think I’m heading East to Saskatchewan and Manitoba tomorrow.  I was going to go today but had a headache and decided to wait.

I’ve kind of finished all I wanted to do to my new server and its web sites, and I have a more-or-less completed list of other things I wanted to accomplish this summer, so there’s no reason not to go.

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new Ongoing Letter online … again

Hi everybody.  This is the latest attempt at going on with my Ongoing Letter, my blog to the outside world.  It’s my third attempt at using a CMS (Content Management System) on a database server and the third generation of the allansplace web.  Hopefully it’ll take this time without any server-self-destruct buttons being pushed.  We shall see.

There are also some changes to the other webs.  If you already know the addresses, you’ll also know they’re not quite up-and-running yet.  Check back often.

In the mean time, enjoy!